Can’t Run for 3 weeks. Can’t swim for 2, what will I do?

Three days ago, my Doctor and coach instructed me not to run for 3 weeks and not to swim for two.  Didn’t they know I had a full marathon planned three days after surgery? Did it matter? What if I drop down to the half marathon. That should work, right? NOPE!  I had strict orders NOT to run for 3 week and not to swim for 2. URGH!  Not fun. NOT at all.

You see, I had abdominal surgery 3 days before my scheduled race. I registered for the race in October, long before the surgery was planned.  When the surgeon schedules your surgery, you make it fit your schedule, not the other way around.


Talking to other women who had similar surgeries, I got recovery stories all across the board.  One friend played ball hockey the same night, while another was in bed for 10 days unable to do anything. Since  I’m a  wonder woman triathlete, I should be good to run a half marathon 3 days after right?  Yeah!  NO!



At the Saturday expo, I dropped down from the half to the 5k and dropped all expectation on time.  I figured I had 2 and a half hours to walk a 5K while I waited for Rebecca to finish her half marathon. I didn’t care if I  DNF’d or DNS.  I would see how I felt on Sunday morning.


Sunday morning I felt ok.  Not great, but ok. I think that Saturday’s outing tired me a little.



Rebecca, my racing partner, took the shuttle bus to the half marathon start line and I had a little over an hour to decide if I was going to run or not.  After resting for 30 minutes, I walked to the start line and met some amazing people.





I met a woman from Chicago, a young woman running her first 5K and a young accountant named Arby run/walking his second 5K after losing 70 lbs.  There were 2 other couples along the route that became part of my race memories.  I walked the beautiful Toronto Marathon 5K route, along the waterfront in 48 minutes.  Definitely not a PB, but a great experience overall.





While I was disappointed that I couldn’t run the full or the half marathon with Rebecca as planned, I am very grateful to have had to opportunity to have met some amazing people at the back of the pack

I also really enjoyed watching the half marathoners and the full marathoners run walk and crawl to the finish line.  This race season I may just add a few races to my list and stay at the back of the pack where I get a chance to really engage with  amazing athletes.


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