I just ran the best virtual race ever. Run Around the Block

Friday, my friend Cathy posted a running challenge on one of many FB running groups I belong to. She was going to run a one km loop around her house, many times over 7 hours. Crazy, right? Another running friend of mine, Brittany, decided to join her. Well, what can I say, I couldn’t resist […]

Are you still motivated to train for your race?

Its mid January and yesterday I saw a few posts on facebook that it was the time when most people give up on your New Year’s resolutions. Have you?  While I don’t make resolutions, I register for races and the training starts a particular number of weeks before race day. This year, my main goal […]

Week 7 of my Journey to Ironman. What have I learned so far?

I can’t believe it’s been 7 weeks since I started my most recent triathlon training plan. When I started, I wrote my whole program down in small dated journal, the whole plan looked so simple. In reality, while it is simple on paper, life sometimes gets in the way. It happens. BUT, in order to […]