Stand up tall and get unbalanced to strengthen the core

Vertical or standing is the last of the 4 squares on the Robertson training system arrow. This changes the stability.  While when we initially think of vertical or tall standing, we usually think of standing on 2 feet, shoulder width apart.  That is the stance that is most talked about in gyms by fitness instructors  […]

Get on your knees to work your core.

Tall kneeling and half kneeling exercises are  the third square on the Robertson Training System Arrow.  This is where things start getting interesting and start mimicking real life positional situations while still maintaining some stability.  Working in this position, you are not as stable as the quadruped exercises, but are still more stable then standing […]

Hands and knees core exercises. Is this a little more challenging?

Last week, I wrote about Supine (on you back) and Prone (on you belly) exercises.  That was the first block on the Robertson Training System arrow.  Today, we explore quadruped exercises meaning they are done on your hands and knees.  This is the second block on the arrow. Table Top position or pose. Start on […]