IT’s easier to train when you are prepared.

It’s Tuesday night on a recovery week and I am feeling good. The preparations for the things that I need to get out the door are completed. My clothes are laid out and my meals are prepped and my supplements are all ready to go.

As a triathlete, commuter and busy mom, I am out the door at crazy o’clock in the morning. In order to get a few more minutes of sleep, I have to be prepared. More than once, have I missed a workout because of my lack of preparation. Lunch not made, no protein powder packed, no clean workout clothes, no work appropriate clothes.
When I finish the laundry, I do the same thing that I ask my kids to do. I stack the clothes that I will need for the week in a plastic dollar store bucket. That saves me from putting my clothes away in the closet in the first place and saves me time in the morning because everything that I need is there, pants, shifts, undergarments and socks.

I do the same for my food. If it’s planned,then it’s much easier to eat well and in my case, well, eat enough. I don’t mind eating the same thing for a whole week, which makes it quite easy for me. This afternoon, I cooked enough quinoa for 5 containers of 3/4 cups of quinoa. I bought cherry tomatoes that I have divided between 3 other containers and a few mni cucumbers for each day. I did the same with the dressing. Cut up carrots and mini humus containers will also make it in my lunch bag this week. In the morning, all I have to do is open the fridge and fill up my lunch bag. Easy peasy.

Supplements are also part of my regimen. Seeing a naturopath, there are several supplements I need to take with food. Since most of my meals are not eaten at home, i needed to find a convenient way to carry them with me. The container needed to be big enough to hold Omega 3’s. One of my colleagues said it reminded him of the container his grandmother had.

The key to getting out the door on time in the morning is to make it easy and convenient. While not every triathlete has the same life and challenges that I have, I am sure there are others who have found little hacks that have made their lives easier. I would love to hear them. What does that look for you? You can share your stories by sending your voice memo at

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