It’s recovery week, What does that mean?

This week is my recovery week. What does that really mean? Well, in theory, it should mean that I should be getting more rest with reduced volume of training. But, for me…that doesn’t always happen.

Looking at my schedule on Sunday night, I noticed there were a few less workouts on my training plan this week. There were only 7 and yoga vs the usual 9 and yoga each week. The Duration of some of those workouts are also a little less than usual, but I did notice something. While the duration and the quantity of the workouts decreased, there was still intensity in each of the training sessions.

Tuesday’s running set was 3 x 10 minutes as 4 minutes at threshold, 2 minutes low tempo, 2 minutes all out and 2 minutes super easy.

Wednesday cycling set was 4 x 8 minutes as 1 minute just below threshold and 1 minute just above. The whole set needed to be 85 or higher CAD.

Sunday is a 15 km run with 6 x 1 km at 3 different paces.

Most triathletes are a little crazy and well, I fit right in. I tend to keep myself quite busy. Always on the go. I would really 30 hours per day instead of 24 to get all the stuff I would like to get done each and every day.   So, on my recovery week, I tend to over schedule my week. I schedule meetings and plan outings and try to squeeze in all the little things that I don’t have time to do during the regular training block weeks.

I do usually schedule an appointment with my health care team on my recovery week. All part of the self care maintenance that needs to happen to stay healthy enough to stay in this crazy sport in the long term.  That may be my naturopath, chiropractor, massage therapist or physiotherapist. That is more what my coach would like to do with my spare time.

I feel like last year, over-scheduling my calender and trying to get too much done on recovery week didn’t seem to work that well. I was more tired after the recovery week than I should have been. I would start my next block of training completely exhausted. That’s not a good plan. I’m pretty sure that’s not what the coach wants to hear either.

This year will be different. I will make it different…well at least I will have to try. I will have to come up with a plan and build in some accountability to make sure I get more rest on recovery week.  For that, I need to hear what other triathletes are doing.

What do you do on your recovery week? Do you rest or tend to over schedule your week? What is the magic formula? How to you make it work?
I would love to hear from you. Email your voice memo to

Till next time, have a great active week.


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