March Break Shannanigans

Here in Ontario, we have March Break the middle week of March. The kids are off school for a week. For the first time in many years, I have decided to take a week off to spend it with my family. That also meant no workouts for me this week. A whole week with no workouts. I guess i’ll chalk it up to a recovery week, even thought I am not sure my coach will see it that way.

I was sick the weekend leading into our vacation. Fever, cough and chills, I stayed in bed and on the couch for almost 2 days. I wasn’t sure this vacation thing was going to happen. But, resting allowed my body to feel good enough to enjoy family time.

Planning this trip, there were many things we wanted to do, but we were not sure if Mother Nature would cooperate. We wanted an outdoor active vacation. A vacation where we could move and play. Quebec city, Timmins, Mont Tremblant and Muskoka were among the contenders where we could snowshoe, cross country ski and snow tube.

In the end, we settled on Niagara Falls. We absolutely love Niagara, It’s my 10 year old’s favorite vacation destination. We have been there many time in the last few years and have stayed in many hotels. It didn’t matter where we stayed, but we wanted somewhere with a pool. My husband made the reservations and found a good deal on a hotel with a pool.

We spent a lot of time in the pool. The 3 boys loved the pool as well as the other kids staying in the hotel. It was too busy for me to swim. I tried. I really tried, but it just wan’t going to happen. One child thought it would be funny to jump in the pool just above my head every single time i swam a length. I looked around and the parent was no where to be found. After the 8th time, I decided my safety was more important than getting my workout in. So, NO SWIM for me.

No problem I thought, at least I had brought my outdoor running clothes…yeah…the huge snow storm made it unsafe for me to run outside. NO OUTDOOR RUN for me.

No problem I thought, at least I had brought my indoor cycling and treadmill friendly clothes….yeah…no gym in our hotel. Say What? Yeah, no gym in our hotel. NO GYM WORKOUT for me.

In the end, I had fun with my family. Really enjoyed my time with them. Today is another day.

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