Olympic vs Try a Tri

Which one should I do?

Last weekend, while at the West Nippissing Cycle for Charity, (which I will blog about this later), I met the race director of the Kiwanis Club of Nippissing triathlon.

I was so excited to hear there was a triathlon so close to my cottage. I was looking forward to a sprint triathlon at the end of June. When I checked out the website, I realized there wasn’t a sprint. My choices are Olympic distance or Try-a-Tri. While I am physically fit enough to complete an Olympic triathlon, I didn’t want to race anything longer than a sprint this year. But, since I am a seasoned triathlete, should I be registering for a Try-a-Tri? At this point, the struggle is real. Here are a few facts.

Olympic distance triathlon

An Olympic distance triathlon, also known as 5150 is typically

  • 1.5 km swim
  • 40 km bike
  • 10 km run

The Kiwanis triathlon in North Bay on June 30th is

  • 1 km swim
  • 31 km bike
  • 8.5 km run.

The distance is actually shorter than the typical 5150 that I have raced in the past. While I can do this distance, I would be treating this race as a training day more than a race day. I am not racing long distance this season. I want to fall in love with training as well as sprinting.

Perhaps, I should race one part of the Olympic, and just use the other 2 disciplines as training as a training session. This would be a great time to practice my transitions.

However, I am thinking that I can race the try a tri since it’s shorter and faster.

Try a Tri Distance triathlon

The try a tri distance was created for people to get a feel of triathlon racing. It’s meant as an entry point. It’s short enough that with a little bit of training, athletes can give racing a try.

The Kiwanis triathlon in North Bay Try-a-Tri is

  • 300 m swim
  • 10 km bike
  • 2 km run

Now, that seems just a little too short for me. But, perhaps I could race this. This could be a great test on pushing myself throughout the entire race, including fast transitions. This could be part of my Sprint season.

BUT, I have done triathlons before. I have done multiple 70.3’s. I’m not new to triathlons. Should I really be racing this? What will the other competitors think? Will I make a new athlete feel less than?

On the other hand, I haven’t tried for speed. This would be something new for me as well.

What should I do?

This is a hard decision to make. In the morning, I will be asking my triathlon friends what I should do.

I can see benefits for both races. I’m torn. I just haven’t decided. Since I have already missed the discounted price, I have a little bit of time to make my decision.

In the mean time, I will race my 10 K this weekend at the Midland Butter Tart Trot and I will see how it goes.

What would you do? Would you do the Olympic distance as a training session or the try a tri? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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