Positive outlook to sustaining an injury

Last week, I was rear ended while driving to work to cover another coaches clients for the day. I was five minutes away from my destination when the incident occurred.
I was at a complete stop because of the car in front of me. the car immediately behind me changed lanes and the truck behind him kept going, right into the back of my SUV.
I was in shock as I didn’t see it coming. Tea spilled everywhere. I was in shock and a little confused on what happened. As time went on, I felt my neck tightening and my wrist hurt. It wasn’t until I woke up from a nap, before heading to the Dr’s office, that I realized my right leg that was on the brake peddle was also affected.
The Doctor diagnosed it as whiplash. Told me to take it easy for a while, lots of stretching and resting.

URGH! I really didn’t need that a mere 50 days before my race in Michigan, the first of 2 A races this season. BUT, 50 days is still better then a few days before.

Thankfully, I was on vacation the next day, This would give me some time to heal. After 4 days, I felt significantly better and tried to go for a run. Lessoned learned. That 30 minute run causes a significant amount of pain for several hours and a huge headache for several days. I was not ready to resume my regular training. My Wonder Woman suit was in the laundry.

While I was and still am sore, things could have been much worse. Many little things combined turned an awful situation into a “that’s not fun” type of situation.

1. I had gone to the gym that morning and got my spin session in before the drive to the other gym. My muscles were warmed up and not stiff from sleeping all night.

2. I get massaged on a semi regular basis. So I am not as stiff as a block of cement. There is some give.

3. I eat well, including lots of fruits and vegetables. This helps my body repair when there is a trauma like this one.

4. I take supplements including magnesium and a NRF2 activator that helps me with inflammation and muscle contraction.

5. I drink a lot of water. By that time at 7:07am , I had already consumed 2L of water and was half way through a large cup of tea.

6. I followed the Doc’s recommendation to do my stretching several times a day.

7. While I tried to train, I listen to my body. I know the difference between pain and discomfort. Being uncomfortable is ok. Very uncomfortable is still OK, but pain is never a good sign during activity. Not this kind of pain anyway.

8. While I am competitive and really want to focus on my training, I know that modifications are part of the process right now. Running short slow distance are manageable. Fast and long are still out of the question, for now.

9. Other modification include riding the trainer instead of going outside. That way, I don’t have to put significant amount of weight on my wrist and when my neck tightens up, I can sit up and stretch, while still peddling.

10. I know that this injury was sustained from a trauma and not from a mistake in training, There is a start time and hopefully soon a time when this will be in the past.

11. I am more focused on getting on the quality training session that I need. I am trying to maximize the workouts that I am able to do.

12. I am reading a lot more and focusing on the of the little things I can change in my swim and bike.

13. I have the great support though this.

14. the training time that I missed while on vacation allowed me to sit on the beach with my family and just enjoy being in the present moment.

15. I know I will be better. The quote “…the days are long and the years are short” comes to mind. In a year from now, I will see that moment as a blip my radar.

While this is never a “fun” thing to go through, I am very grateful that I am able to work through this.

As I am writing this article, I realize that Michigan Titanium 70.3 is only 39 days away while the Barrelman 70.3 Triathlon is 67 days away.

Have you sustained in injury? How have you coped with it? Any tips or advice you would like to share with me?

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