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As I go through the training week, there are a few things that I really love to use.  Products that make my training easier and more enjoyable.After all, when you get to the longer distances, fueling becomes critical.

First things I drink in the morning is some kind of electrolyte or hydrating drink.  The two that have come into my rotation are the Vega and Isagenix.


Essential oils are also part of my life.  I use them as needed always mindful they are very concentrated and to be used as I would medicine. I have a lot of different essential oils.  Of course, I do have my favorites and my go-to oils.

The first one is cederwood.  I love that one before I go to bed at night. It just seems to quite down my mind and allow me to fall asleep in no time.

Lemongrass is my second favorite oil.  After a hard workout, I love to rub my legs and hips.  

My latest supplement that has had amazing effects on my training is Protandim from Lifevantage.  That little yellow pill has helped me  recover from my workouts so I can train harder more often.  My Dad also started taking it an after only 2 weeks he is sleeping much better an his legs feel stronger.  If you would like more information feel free to visit my website or email me at

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