On Sunday Sept 17th 2017, I was part of a relay team at the Rev3 Barrelman 70.3. It was the best decision I think I could make.  Last month, I was debating if I should race the 70.3 or just concentrate all of my efforts on the full marathon.  Being part of the relay team allowed me to be part of one of my favorite races without sacrificing my marathon training. Win-win in my option.


I swam, Jax biked and Rebecca Ran. We were Jim’s Angels, named in memory of Jax’s dad who passed a way a few weeks before the race.  I was honored to be part of the team.

It was an unusually warm Sunday morning, the water was beautiful, as it always is in the Welland International Flat Water Center.  Just before the first wave went off, the officials announced there would be 2 wet suits to win.  The swimmers who comes in closest to 30 minutes and 45 minutes would get them.  Naturally, the race was on.  Since I hadn’t been swimming as much as I should have, I knew that the 30 minutes was impossible, so I paced myself to come in at the 45 minutes mark.  The official swim time 44.33.  Just not quite close enough to win the wetsuit.  Ah well, I am sure someone had a great surprise when they were told they won.

Long strokes, long strokes, looooonnnnng strokes  (gees I’m hungry) , long strokes, oh, I am so hungry were the only 2 things I could think of.  I WAS STARVING!!!! Race morning nutrition wasn’t on par that morning.  Race girls weekend sharing a place with 3 other women I’ve never stayed with before, staying in my first Air BnB, well, I didn’t eat as well as I normally do on race day. I failed to plan the night before.  Lesson learned.

Leaving the Flat water Center, Rebecca and I had to meet our cyclist at T2.  The thing with a “fun” relay team, is that well, you just never know when your cyclist will come in.  She told u approx 4 hours.  With stopping at the gas station and trying to get to T2 with all the road closures for the race, parking, then walking the 3km to transition area, we just made it in time to see a few cyclist come in, including our friend Michelle then Jax came in.  “OH BOY! quick Rebecca ran into transition and then the real fun began.

As I mentioned earlier, it was an unusually hot day and our run began at 1 pm.  YIKES! We didn’t eat well either.  We thought we had an extra hour.  Our cyclist was just too fast. She came in at 3:01:58.  Our plan was to stay in low zone 3, running for 10 minutes and walking for 1 min.  That was great for the first 5km, then the heat just seemed to hit.  We had a hard time staying in Zone 3. We were running quite slow, 8:30 min per km in mid zone 4.  It was hot, the stations had ice , oh, cold wonderful ice, but since we were on the road for so long, some stations ran out of ice. Let’s just say, we did finish with a smile on our face.

Overall, it was a great race weekend.  We took a lot of pictures and created some amazing memories. I encourage everyone to join a relay team if they feel they cannot  or don’t want to race the full distance themselves.

Till next time, have a great active week.








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