When things tighten up

Last week, as I was trying to fit in my long run, 17km in preparation with my half marathon mid September, I just couldn’t do it.

It’s not that I didn’t have the time or motivated enough to get it done. It went even a lack of physical fitness. I had a plan. A beautiful scenic route and 2-3 tentative times that I could get it done based on that days activities and the weather.

BUT, I just couldn’t run. I didn’t run.

It all started a week prior to this. It was on my last long run, that I decided to challenge myself and run in the mid day heat, since my half marathon is taking place after my Gabriela swims and Rebecca bikes. SO, you guessed it, I am running in the midway heat. That is not my ideal half marathon weather. I really enjoy racing fall mornings, when the weather is warm-is, but still a little cool.

After my exhausting long run the week before, I was spent. I should have showered and taken the time to foam roll, rest while drinking my post run protein shake. BUT, that isn’t what happened.

I jumped in the shower very quickly, changed and headed to my moms place to make dinner. My back, my legs, my neck were all in need of a good stretch. I ignored that feeling and just kept making dinner. That was a mistake.

That weekend, I also completed so many tasks outdoors and moved in ways that I don’t normally move. I climbed up ladders to clean gutters, power washed 2 trailers and 2 decks, create a clearing through brush , mowed the lawn, weed whip ditches. It was a very busy weekend. Combine that with a lack of stretching, and well, that’s the mess I was in.

My hips were sore. Both of them, but one side more than the other. The leg felt heavy. SO I booked a massage therapy appointment.

Active Release

AH, massage day Thursday. Perfect time to get a massage. I still have a day to recover from the massage before my long run. While my amazing therapist Michel worked her magic, it still wasn’t enough this time. I really did a number on my leg. Didn’t matter what I tried, I just couldn’t release the tight muscles around that hip. Which meant, I couldn’t walk without pain, let alone run 17km.

You see, I am stubborn. There is no way that I accept the fact that my sore hip prevented me from running my long run. I may have to post pone it a little, It may not be all in one session, but I will get that run in, with proper form. I won’t run with poor form. That is a sure way to get injured.

Stretching and foam rolling every few hours for a few days and finally, my tight quad finally decided to release the tension. AH! Partial pain relief.

I am getting ready to run my long run later today, on a Wednesday. Crazy, I know. Running long on other days than sat and Sunday.

While I may not get the full 17km in, I am very confidant that I will run 10km. I have plans to run the following 7 in the morning before work, should I not get the full 17 in tonight.

Sometimes, you have to modify things to make it fit your life and the things that happen. I could just say, F-it. I’ll just skip this week, but in reality, I don’t want to.

Have you had something interfere with your plan? What did you and what changes have you made to make it happen?

Until next time, have a great active week.

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