Yoga Therapy

Today was my first session of Yoga Therapy and I am hooked.  I feel like this will be something that will truly help my triathlon training.  Yoga therapy isn’t quite yoga and isn’t massage therapy. I would describe it as physiotherapy-yoga style, retraining the neuro-muscular patterns in my body. Essentially re-learning functional patterns.

There are 2 distinct areas in my body that needs work:  my left shoulder and my right hip.  Since these 2 areas are distinctively different, I chose to work on my left shoulder first.  It’s the area that causes me the most grief.  

I was given 3 exercises to practice till my next session.  The hardest one for me will be to active my rhomboids, retracting and protracting my scapulae without using my levator scapulae or my lats.

As I work through this journey, I will share my successes and challenges with all of you.  I am looking forward to a great triathlon season this year.

Till next time, have a great active week.


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